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Just a Few Things
Girl Genius Rings
There is a God. Who else would have the power to f#*$ with me like this?

1) Still haven't found a new job, but that's okay because I've got as much work as I can handle. I'm better off than many in this economy- guess I'm just going to have to grin and bear it.

1a) Even if my current client doesn't appear to have any concept of reality. ProTip: if it takes someone a full week of concerted work to do the first plan, it's going to take longer than eight hours to do the second.

1b) And we're still losing people at the office. Granted, they're leaving voluntarily, but they're still leaving. All the empty cubes are starting to make me nervous

3) Still visiting the nursing home. There's some people in there... I've got to wonder what their lives were like before. There are some interesting stories, and I hope I've got time to tell them.

4) Went out for Halloween as a preppy vampire. Found a bar I liked. Found out today said bar had it's last night open on Saturday, and is now closed permanently. I think that's par for the course...

5) Found a guy that I liked who had a great sense of humor and an actual job that goes somewhere. Guy appears to like me. Guy is also a grand total of 15 years older than me. This, it seems, is also par for the course.

6) NaNoWriMo BRB

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re: the guy

My Grandfather was 18 years older than my Grandmother. She outlived him by 2 years. They were married for over 50 years.

Just sayin'...

I was wondering where you'd been.

Been there done all those things and eventually they go way and life gets better.

And for what it is worth i am 13 years and 7 days older than my wife and I can out walk her, out work her and out cook her.

And if you are worried about sex her sex drive gave up the ghost before mine did, so not to worry.


I didn't post about this, but my company sloooooowly cut my hours back from full time in January 2009 to 0 in June. I'm still an employee (which is worth nothing except an email account) but have no work and no paycheck. The decimation in my group is incredible. 2 people transferred to Sacramento (and good luck to them there - CA govt has no money), 2 got laid off, 1 retired and 1 got promuted up the chain so is out of the dept. And me - the employee with no work. There's one other junior level person. And the boss is still there, of course!

My husband's older than I am, too, but only by 5 years.

Angry Geologist, I need more angry geology on my friends list! Where have you been? (-:

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