The Chronicles of the Angry Geologist

Drilling a hole- for science!

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That's a truly epic list!

Sorry about job suckage :( EJO's motivational speaking get you hooked, huh? I wish he'd come to my department computer lab and whisper sweet nothings to me about success and achieving goals. I clearly need it!

We missed you and Roland. EJO rocks at cons. Good luck with the job-hunting and knitting. Yay for the weight loss!

I've been thinking about you, particularly as I've just added a blog to my reading list that might interest you - a geologist just about to set out for Antarctica. (iceblog_feed

Please don't move, or at least, please don't move to blogger, because it's a pain to use and crashes my browser and there's no support for it.

I vote for more regular updates and Roland pictures.

Good luck with the socks, they are so satisfying to knit and to wear. I'm trying to find a new job too, they finally closed down the hospital :(

I learned long ago that whatever Edward James Olmos tells you to do, you better fucking do it. ... He'll know if you don't.

Good luck. Do think about getting the post-hole digger.

Good to see your font again!

Post-hole digger. For digging holes for posts.

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