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The Angry Geologist and Howie Lovecraft
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The way it all happened, it sounds like something I made up.

It was the Thursday night before Halloween. I was at home, hanging out. My previous plans of going downtown and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters with my boyfriend had fallen through, as it was misting cold rain and the police had cancelled it for safety. We were supposed to get eight inches of snow the following night, so it was going to happen Monday.

I was walking Roland when I heard this plaintive mewing, a little kitten. I couldn't identify where the sound was coming from, so I just kept going. We were inside and planning on staying put for the night, but I just kept hearing it. Finally, I decided to look out my front door. About six inches off the ground, little yellow eyes looked up at me, and then ran for the bushes.

I felt bad for it, so I got together an empty beer box with a towel for it to shelter in overnight. As I was setting it out, it decided it could trust me enough, and walked up to me. I finally got a good look- it was entirely black.

As I was standing there, my conscience was wrestling with my good sense. I am terribly allergic to cats, as has been proven to me time and time again, most recently visiting with my boyfriend's cousin, where I had such an awful reaction to their two cats that I had to end the visit early, apologizing through the coughing and wheezing fits. I had exactly nothing I needed to care for him, either- no food, no litter, no bed other than the dog's.

But... it was a black cat. On Halloween. It might just be an urban legend, all the horrible things that happen to black cats then... but I know, more than most, that there are horrible people out there for which Halloween would be a convenient excuse. If that wasn't a death sentence for him, surely the oncoming snowstorm would be.

After a bit more farting around and a conversation and material aid from my upstairs neighbor, Howie Lovecraft was warmly and happily ensconced in my dog's old airline crate. A few days later, he went to the vets, where he was dewormed, de-flea-ed and de-ticked, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV/HW. I set him up with a friend of mine to foster, set up a neuter/vaccination appointment, and set about finding him a home.

I didn't realize how bad a year for cats it has been. All the rescues and shelters are full. No one seems to want a cat, not even a cute black kitten. And what's worse, my fostering friend lost her job and couldn't keep her apartment, or my cat, past this Saturday.

So... Howie is back in my apartment. I set him up in my bathroom with a safe environment, got everything I need to care for a cat, and have been popping zyrtec every twelve hours like clockwork. This isn't a long-term solution. It isn't even a great short-term solution. But he is the most sociable, friendliest cat I have ever met, bar none. He will walk up to greet anyone, and never stops purring. He let me rub his belly! How many cats will let you do that? There's no way I can kick him to the curb.

This cat deserves a chance. There is a fee, and references and a home visit are required. If you know anyone who is looking for a cat, please share this link:


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You are a very good person to take care of him even though you are allergic to him, you will be well rewarded by Karma for your kindness.

I'm a Crazy Cat Lady and I love you for taking care of Howie

Can't you get allergy shots so you can keep him? The allergens are supposedly in his spit, and if you wash him, much less problematic, but allergy shots, when I was a kid, were one way to make allergies less. My brother and sister both got them.

Allergy shots are a bit out of my budget right now, and I know for a fact that insurance won't cover them. I could try bathing him... but honestly my apartment is a bit small for two animals.

I posted the link on twitter in hopes that someone else will see things. What a fabulous act of kindness you've done and I hope that Howie is adopted soon!

You're a good person. I hope everything works out well for both you and young Master Lovecraft.

If I weren't in MA...

I'd be able to foster him, at least, indefinitely. I already have 2 black cats (and a gray) because I love black cats. I have also heard so many stories...and if it's not the mean things they do out of spite, its people who adopt/buy a black cat as a Halloween decoration, then throw them outside on All Saints Day. Atrocious.

If you can get him to MA, or meet me halfway, I can take care of him while we wait for his forever home. S'all I can offer :( I'll post the link, but I don't know many people in that neck of the woods.

Re: If I weren't in MA...

You know, I actually probably COULD get him to MA- it's a matter of getting him on a transport. I've contacted a few local rescues, though, and one might have space. I'll see if I can take care of this locally before I get the interstate network up. Thanks for the offer!

You could try posting in the note_to_cat community here on LJ - it's fairly busy community. He's absolutely adorable - what a shame that your allergies won't allow you to keep him :-(

(Also, hi. Nice to see you around again.)

Could also try stupidpetowners

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