The Chronicles of the Angry Geologist

Drilling a hole- for science!

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You are a very good person to take care of him even though you are allergic to him, you will be well rewarded by Karma for your kindness.

I'm a Crazy Cat Lady and I love you for taking care of Howie

Can't you get allergy shots so you can keep him? The allergens are supposedly in his spit, and if you wash him, much less problematic, but allergy shots, when I was a kid, were one way to make allergies less. My brother and sister both got them.

Allergy shots are a bit out of my budget right now, and I know for a fact that insurance won't cover them. I could try bathing him... but honestly my apartment is a bit small for two animals.

I posted the link on twitter in hopes that someone else will see things. What a fabulous act of kindness you've done and I hope that Howie is adopted soon!

You're a good person. I hope everything works out well for both you and young Master Lovecraft.

If I weren't in MA...

I'd be able to foster him, at least, indefinitely. I already have 2 black cats (and a gray) because I love black cats. I have also heard so many stories...and if it's not the mean things they do out of spite, its people who adopt/buy a black cat as a Halloween decoration, then throw them outside on All Saints Day. Atrocious.

If you can get him to MA, or meet me halfway, I can take care of him while we wait for his forever home. S'all I can offer :( I'll post the link, but I don't know many people in that neck of the woods.

Re: If I weren't in MA...

You know, I actually probably COULD get him to MA- it's a matter of getting him on a transport. I've contacted a few local rescues, though, and one might have space. I'll see if I can take care of this locally before I get the interstate network up. Thanks for the offer!

You could try posting in the note_to_cat community here on LJ - it's fairly busy community. He's absolutely adorable - what a shame that your allergies won't allow you to keep him :-(

(Also, hi. Nice to see you around again.)

Could also try stupidpetowners

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