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Drilling a hole- for science!

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Wow, sounds like a serious hobby and a tasty one, I've never tried brewing beer, I've done wine and Peach Schapps from a kit. Good luck with it

That's a very intriguing activity. Have you thought of making mead?

I've considered it- it would be great for my gluten-allergic friends. I actually do have a honey supplier, and I might try it sometime this summer if his hives do OK.

That sounds awesome! Have you done any quirky flavors? How do you get the different types of beer--the pale ales, the porters, etc?

It really depends on what you're trying to brew- if you're brewing an ale, you use a top-fermenting yeast that ferments at around 65-70 F. If you're trying to brew a lager, that's a little more difficult as you have to use a bottom fermenting yeast that is active around 55 F (though steam beers use an odd little bottom-fermenting yeast that is active at warmer temperatures). Porters are aged dark beers, and stouts are the strongest porters. Basically, you find some recipes, and if you're feeling confident, you make up your own.

Awesome story! That seems like a neat hobby, and it's awesome that it's turning out braggingly drinkable. :)

I made beer once. I put it into quart size canning jars in the absence of other bottles, and one exploded after a day. We drank the rest, but it wasn't that great. Here, (Germany) beer by law is allowed to contain only 5 ingredients (sorry I don't know what they are other than water, yeast and hops), and they add flavors afterward. Banana beer is pils with banana flavored syrup added in the glass. *shudders* When we lived in the Pacific NW, we LOVED drinking the various beers from brew pubs. Here, we LOVE drinking various hefeweissens. I guess we're just beer people. Good luck with it!

home brewing is really popular at my office- at least 4 people do it, and 1 does it very regularly (bonus: serious dude is a friend, and I convinced him to make some cider for me soon- his first batch failed).

But yay, you're still alive!!

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